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Intellectual Property Laws

IPR House is equipped to provide all services with regard to matters related to intellectual Property Rights namely Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Industrial Designs and Litigation thereto. All matters relating to Patent & Designs including drafting of specifications, Patent Search, Filing and Prosecution of Patent & Design applications and Licensing, Trademark & Copyright including Registration & Licensing of Trademarks, Domain Name and Copyright. The firm also assists its clients in investigation and prosecuting trademark infringement by dishonest/duplicate manufacturer/traders.

  • Systematic review of the IP owned, used or acquired by a business.

  • Identifying, monitoring, valuing intellectual property assets in order to take more informed decisions when it comes to licensing, mergers and acquisition and analyzing its worth as collateral.

  • Identifying any threats to a company’s IP assets.

  • Status and scope of both registered and unregistered of all of a companies intangible assets such as Patents, licenses, Brands, Trade secrets, designs, manuals, and know-how and will enable a company to identify successful and obsolete identifying issues that exist or may arise.

  • A companywide appreciation of the true value of a brand, a patented technology
    or a design.

  • In determining a company’s future marketing and production strategies. Stronger negotiating positions.

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